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Welcome to the DivorceWise Newsletter!

After receiving thousands of letters and e-mails from readers of When He Leaves in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia, I created this newsletter in 2001 as a platform where women could share their personal journey through heartbreak to hope. I had no idea how many of you were out there.

DivorceWise Newsletter



Although this newsletter is currently not available in printed or e-mail format, its original purpose remains—a reminder that you are not alone but belong to a sacred sisterhood.

As you browse through the Archived Issues below and meet several survivor sisters whose stories are highlighted, you’ll pick up practical tips and be encouraged that you will survive, too.Arch










You can complain because roses have thorns
or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.
—Tom Wilson


Rose Issue 1 - Divorce Stats and Sleep Tips Issue 2 - Battling Mental Despair
Rose Issue 3 - Telling Someone Issue 4 - Pornography's Devastation
Rose Issue 5 - When Christmas Is Tough Issue 6 - Valentine's Day
Rose Issue 7 - Friends Issue 8 - Suicide
Rose Issue 9 - Midlife Divorce Issue 10 - Encountering A Christmas Past
Rose Issue 11 - Dating Again Issue 12 - Breast Cancer
Rose Issue 13 - New Beginnings
Issue 14 - Catastrophic Loss
Rose Issue 15 - Struggling to Believe Issue 16 - Domestic Violence/Abuse
Rose Issue 17 - Touch Issue 18 - When A Husband Says He's Gay
Rose Issue 19 - When A Wife Cheats On Her Husband Issue 20 - Memories of Special Days
Rose Issue 21 - Finances Issue 22 - eBay plus Finance update
Rose Issue 23 - Forgiveness Issue 24 - Depression
Rose Issue 25 - Rage Issue 26 - Celebration
Pinkish Rose Issue 27 - What I Wish I’d Known About Dating. Issue 28 - Free computer screen cleaning

He would have beautiful roses in his garden must have beautiful roses in his heart.
—Dean Hole


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