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by Kari West

Quiet my body, Lord,
and calm my mind.
Deepen my concentration
during these moments
I've set aside
to spend with You alone.

Narrow my focus,
so my thoughts rest
solely upon you,
and what you want me to see
in Your Word.
Help me give you
my full attention,
without distraction.

I desire Your will for my life.
I yearn for wisdom and
discernment of truth.
But, oh, how I need your
forgiveness and grace,
For not only yesterday,
but also for this day.

Without your strength
I cannot face
or endure tomorrow.
So, I praise and thank you---
for my life, for salvation,
And for all you provide
and bless me with.
But remind me, Lord,
that it is You alone whom I seek;
All else is secondary.

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