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He who plants a seed beneath the sod, and waits to see, believes in God. — Author Unknown

Les Carter Les Carter
For more information, visit RK Partners - Carter
Dr. Les Carter, a counselor at The Minirth Clinic who endorsed Kari's books When He Leaves and Dare to Trust, Dare to Hope Again, welcomes you to his online office. Dr. Carter is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, author, and lecturer. Don't forget to sign up for his weekly e-zine.

Peggy Extramarital Affairs
Peggy Vaughn offers information and perspective about extramarital affairs based on 25 years of working with people who have faced this crisis, as well as her own experience in dealing with this life-altering experience.  Peggy is an author, speaker, and America Online's expert on cyberaffairs. For more information, visit .

dc This organization provides divorce recovery groups nationwide.
Call 1-800-562-2112 or FAX 919-562-2114
or write P. O. Box 1730, Wake Forest, NC 27588-1730.
Visit their web site at

Pastoral Care PastorCare
This ministry provides on-going counseling for pastors' wives or a pastor's exwife going through separation or divorce.
Call 919-787-7024 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
Executive Director is Dr. Bert Moore.
P.O. Box 52044,
Raleigh, NC 27612 
Visit their web site at

kids A national ministry to children who live in single-parent famlies.
Call 719-687-0515 or FAX 719-687-1906
to receive their newsletter.
Contact Gary and Lois Sprague
189 Illini Drive, Woodland Park, CO 80863.
Visit their web site at

Ministry of Hope Ministry of Hope
Help and hope for women whose husbands are gay.


Focus on Family Focus on the Family provides resources for single parents and their children. Sign their guest book to receive a complimentary copy of their magazine. Be sure to ask for the Single Parent Edition. Learn more about Clubhouse, a magazine for young children, and Brio for teens. Listen to broadcast tapes. To speak privately to a counselor and receive a referral to a counseling professional in your area, call 1-800-A-FAMILY Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 Mountain Time.


The feeling remains that God is on this journey too. — Theresa of Avila

Audio and video tapes available:

W2W Logo Woman to Woman is a weekly half-hour radio program now in its 1000th broadcast.  Inspirational, encouraging and informative, this program features topics that interest women of all ages from relationships to health concerns and more.  Visit their web site at To subscribe to a quarterly newsletter, contact 1-800-876-9880 or e-mail and request "Phyllis and Friends."


Listen to a discussion between Kari West and radio host Phyllis Wallace at the Woman to Woman website listed above. In PROGRAM #1011 entitled WHEN HE LEAVES and PROGRAM #1107 entitled BROKEN VOWS, Kari shares her experience with divorce and how she survived after her husband said goodbye.


lhm On Main Street is a television talk show about today's issues. Informative and entertaining, the program looks at issues from a traditional Christian perspective. Produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries, this show broadcasts throughout the United States and Canada. PROGRAM #9908 features a discussion of MIDLIFE DIVORCE with Kari West, Dr. John Splinter, and host Dr. Dale Meyer. To order, call 1-800-523-0226.


100hs 100 Huntley Street is a television interview/talk show featuring real people with real stories. Hosted by David Mainse, Lorna Dueck, Cal Bombay, Kathy and Reynold Mainse, this program is the only live daily Christian television program in Canada broadcast on commercial channels across the provinces and on over 20 stations in the United States. Kari's story is featured in PROGRAM #HS6337. To request a video tape, contact 100 Huntley Street at Crossroads Christian Communications, Inc., 1295 North Service Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7R 4M2. For further information, call 1-905-335-7100 or e-mail Visit their website at


Focus on Family An audio tape of a two-day radio broadcast on the topic of pornography is available through Focus on the Family. Entitled THE HIDDEN ENEMY OF MARRIAGE, this tape features a conversation between radio host Dr. James Dobson and Laurie Hall (author of The Affair of the Mind), Noelle Quinn and Kari West (authors of When He Leaves). Call 1-800-A-FAMILY and request #CT009/17709.


To request a tape of the mini session LETTING GO OF A RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT LOSING YOURSELF, given by Kari West at the California Women's Retreat, please contact me by clicking here. The California Women's Retreat is an interdenominational retreat for women, featuring speakers who address vital concerns facing today's women. Visit their web site at


Death is the boundry stone of life but not of love. — Anonymous

Additional Resources:
Debbie Alsdorf
Debbie Alsdorf, author, speaker, and director of women's ministries, writes Bible studies that are changing lives one woman at a time. Find out more about Living Love, Steadfast Love, and Restoring Love on her website. Debbie and her husband, Ray, have a blended family of four college-age children and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Carmen Leal
In an often thankless and unending job, The Twenty Third Psalm for Caregivers is a welcome reminder that caregivers are not alone. The Shepherd sees, leads, and empowers them, and will restore their weary souls.
Laura Petherbridge
Laura Petherbridge is a teacher and speaker who laces her presentations with God's grace and compassion, as she instructs, inspires, and entertains. She is the director of DivorceCare at her church and serves in development and training for Crown Financial Ministries with Larry Burkett. Visit her website for more information. Laura lives with her husband in Georgia.
Nancy Hammett
Nancy Hammett is the founder and director of Abigail Ministries, a Christian focus group for women experiencing the emotional pain of abuse or neglect. Browse her website for information on an ongoing Bible-study program, an annual retreat, and a recommended reading section featuring books on women's issues, mental and spiritual health, and other topics of interest.


Don't let your wounds interfere with your mission. — Steve Arteburn

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