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Welcome to an uplifting site with down-to-earth resources for new beginnings.

I’m glad you joined me in the garden.  Each day the glories in a garden beckon us to sling open life’s gate, to celebrate moments and to cultivate spots to start again.  Through ever-changing seasons, a garden displays life’s contrasts: sun and shadow, sweet and sour, beginnings and endings.  Life’s losses are like garden compost, full of rich nutrients that in time can enlarge our heart and grow our spirit.  My prayer is that this website will encourage you to hope in what you cannot see and to behave like you believe something beautiful will grow again in your broken heart.





Kari West







Grief is not an enemy to be conquered.  It is an unwelcomed visitor that will change your life.
Diane Cole

Perhaps you have lost someone or something very dear to you.  It can happen with a telephone call from an emergency room.  Or a divorce summons left in your mailbox.  Maybe it happened to you when the doctor said, “Let’s talk.”  Or the baby you just delivered never cried.  Perhaps the company downsized; your job was the first to go, then your savings, and now your house.  Or, after spending a night in a shelter, you awoke to the unbelievable horror that the hurricane had struck, demolishing everything you owned.

Part of you is numb; the other part, frantic.  You detest feeling fragile and you dislike being needy.  But you’re coming apart at the seams.  This is not how you planned your life.

Until now, loss was something that happened to the other person.  Perhaps like many of us, you denied its existence by editing it from your life.  Unconsciously, you tried to protect yourself by maintaining a comfortable distance from that divorcee next door or that friend battling cancer. Now you know.  This is not how any of us plan our lives.  When we least expect it, things happen that can wipe out fields of flowers and years of dreams.  Life’s losses can change us forever—shattering our dreams, sapping our will to live, and undermine even our faith in God.  And the way we go through the grieving process is as unique as our loss.

Whatever you face, you are not alone.  You belong to a courageous group of survivors.  You’ll meet several as you walk the pages of this website.  Allowing you access to their sorrow, fears, hopes, and dreams, they share their stories to encourage you to believe that you can and will survive your life’s losses, too.


The site for cultivating a life after loss

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