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The Book of Life begins with a man and a woman in a garden. — Oscar Wilde

Article Titles:

  1. What Harm Can A Little Lie Do? Teaching your kids to tell the truth by Kari West
  2. Learning to Laugh Again by Kari West
  3. Single Parenting in the '90s by Kari West
  4. Lying: Isn't Everybody Doing It? by Kari West
  5. When Your Marriage Goes Downhill: The State of Affairs by Kari West
  6. Pornography: The Price of Unkept Promises by Kari West
  7. Kids at Risk: When Your Child Won't Doesn't, Isn't ... by Kari West
  8. Shipwrecked on Temptation Island by Kari West
  9. Sex, Love, and Addiction by Kari West
  10. In the Shelter of His Strength by Marya Lewis

    (Marya Lewis is staff writer for In Touch Magazine, a publication of In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia.  Her article on loss features a quote from Kari West's book, Dare to Trust, Dare to Hope Again)

  11. Surviving the Anniversary of A Loss by Kari West.
  12. The Power of Touch by Lynn Hall with Kari West
  13. The Ups and Downs of Step-Parenting by Kari West
  14. Breaking with Tradition by Kari West
  15. Single Parenting: Going It Alone by Kari West
  16. Christmas Crisis by Kari West
  17. Walking In The Newness Of Life by Kari West

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the feet that has crushed it. — Author Unknown

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