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Only with winter patience can we bring the deep-desired, long-awaited spring.
-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

When we least expect it, things happen that wipe out fields of flowers and years of dreams. Perhaps you have lost something or someone very dear to you.The tears won't stop. The pain won't go away. You can barely contemplate the next moment let alone the future. Be comforted knowing that you are not alone—and that you will not be trapped here. Against the lingering chill of loss and the rapid gusts of change, the sky is clearing.

May this web site encourage you to dare to stand on the brink of a different season and look forward to something new. In those rare moments when despair lifts and you catch sight of how far you have come, may your spirit soar. You are standing in sacred sky! I look forward to hearing from you.

The Twenty-Third Psalm An audiovisual experiance

"Times of stress and difficulty are seasons of opportunity where the seeds of progress are sown."
--Thomas Woodlock

The site for cultivating a life after loss

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