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Ebb and Flow

Conch shellEbb and Flow
Lyrics by Marie Nease

Spotted ShellThe ebb and flow
of loving and living
is much the same
as the sea is giving.

Experiencing high tide
As well as the low.
Learning from both
Will cause us to grow.

Riding the crest of each wave;
Enjoying the thrill of the heights.
Willingly allowing the power
Of the sea, to raise our sights.

Sensing the aloneness
Of the beach at low tide —
Being willing to wait
and just abide.

Knowing the surging
power of the waves
Pounding against the shore.
Giving and taking —
Allowing the wearing away.
Relishing the familiar
rhythm of the surf.
Accepting the ebb and flow.
Allowing the cares of life
To float on out to sea.

© 2003 by Marie Nease - January 19, 2003. Used by permission.
Marie Nease is a singer and song writer, divorce recovery facilitator, and freelance writer.


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